Car Spark Plug Tester Ignition Tools

This machine is a professional digital display high-frequency adjustable spark plug tester, use the high-voltage ignition coil generates ahigh-voltage (10000 volts or more), and the spark plug diverts it form high-tension ignition coil into the cylinder engine, spark between the spark plugelectrodes will ignite the mixture. 

It can simulate the real speed with high precision and digital precision control to test the performance and ignition intensity of spark plugs. Its five holes can be compared at the same time and the test frequency is as high as 9000 RMP. This professional tester which greatly improves the accuracy of the test and the efficiency of the operator


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Car Spark Plug Tester Ignition Tools


  • This digital high frequency tester for testing the performance and strength of spark plugs, with a frequencyup to 9000 rpm. The higher the frequency, the stronger intensity of the spark plug is.

  • The tester can also be compared to five holes at the same time, simulating real speed and digital control which qreatly improve the test high accuracy and work efficiency.

  • It also with wide compatition, suit to all crankshaft engine and motorcycle spark plug testingThis new spark plug tester is easy to operate, plug and play. 

  • With digital screen display provide more precise control.


Input power AC 110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Output power DC12V±2 1A
Analog speed 200~9999 rpm
Ambient temperature 0℃~+45℃
Relative humidity <85%
Host size 200mm×150mm×100mm
Weight 1100g