11pcs Snap Ring Pliers Set



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11pcs Snap Ring Pliers Set


1. Heat treated steel construction with blackened finished for strength and resistance to corrosion.

2. All circlip pliers feature reversible joints enabling use for either external or internal circlips. 

3. Fitted with comfortable vinyl grips. 

4. Set include two 125mm picks for hard-to-reach or dropped clips. 

5. Supplied in a carry-case.



5-1/2" 140mm bent tip plier,0.038"tips 1mm
6" 150mm straight tip plier,0.038"tips 1mm
5-1/2" 140mm bent tip plier,0.047"tips 1.2mm
6" 150mm straight tip plier,0.047"tips 1.2mm
7-1/2" 190mm bent tip plier,0.070"tips 1.8mm
8" 200mm straight tip plier,0.070"tips 1.8mm
8-1/2" 215mm bent tip plier,0.090"tips 2.3mm
9" 230mm straight tip plier,0.090"tips 2.3mm
5" 125mm Hook Tool
5" 125mm Pick Tool
Blow Mold Case