Vacuum Fuel Pump Tester

Vacuum Pressure Tester Car Vacuum Fuel Pump Tester Gauge With 14mm 18mm


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Vacuum Fuel Pump Tester


  • Comprehensive Testing: Allows for testing of fuel delivery pressure and vacuum systems, carburetor intake manifold, and vacuum systems to identify worn or defective parts in these systems.
  • Versatile Adapter Set: The set includes a variety of adapters suitable for most vehicles, making it a great addition to any mechanic's toolkit.
  • All-Round Testing: The tester can perform fuel pump pressure, fuel pump vacuum, carburetor intake manifold, and vacuum test, allowing for comprehensive analysis.
  • Easy Diagnostics: Needle drops indicate carb or tappet adjustment needs, while steady drops or wide fluctuations indicate issues with the valves or valve springs.
  • Storage Box: The pack includes a heavy-duty plastic blow molded carrying case with a handle for easy transportation, safe storage, and quick organization, and prevents parts from getting lost.


Material: ABS + rubber + metal
Hose Size: Approx. 59cm/23.23in
Manifold Joint: Diameter 14mm/0.55in x 1, diameter 18mm/0.71in x 1
Pressure Range: 0-28 IN-Hg (0-70 cm-HG) vacuum, 0-14 PSIG (0-1 kg/cm²) pressure
Used to Diagnostic:
Spark misfires
Poor engine compression
Weak rich mixture
Ignition over advanced retarded
Inlet manifold and carburettor air leaks
Incorrect valve timing
Poor fuel economy
Balancing carburettors
Turbo boost gauge
Fuel pump testing

Package List:

1 x Car Vacuum Fuel Pump Tester Gauge Kit ( 9 Pcs)

1 x Storage Box

1 x Manual