Automotive Dent Puller





★1. Designed specifically to perform dent pulling on ALUMINIUM.

★2. Using M4/M5/M6 studs, this device allows eliminating the bump and impacts (door panel,hood, ...) without stripping.
★3. Used for steel dent pulling uning steel studs.

★4. The gun has no trigger; the welding is automatic when the tip slides into the gun. The earth terminals are integrated to the gun.

Components List:

1*Tolley; 1*Welder with gun&cable; 1*Straightening lever; 1*Alu pulling hammer; 1*6-hook head; 1* Alu dent pulling tools box; 1*pulling bar; 1* Straightening bar; 1*8-hook head; 1* PDR kit; 1* Pneumatic pulling hammer; 1*Grinder; 1* Sucker lock; 50*Alu studs M4; 50*Alu studs M5; 50*Alu studs M6; 50*Steel studs M4; 50*Steel studs M5; 50*Steel studs M6; 10*Nuts M4; 10*Nuts M5; 10*Nuts M6; 10*Nuts with pulling M4; 10*Nuts with pulling M5; 10*Nuts with pulling M6; 1*Alu easy puller; 1* Temp mater; 1*Heater.


Power Supply1ph 230V 50/60Hz
Rated Power1.5KVA
Max Current7500A
Output Voltage40-190V
Welding ModeAutomatic
Cable Length3m  35mm²
Gross Weight138kg
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