Mercedes Benz Full System scanner

Diagnostic Scanner OBDII and EOBD Check Engine Code Reader for Mercedes



The scanner can read and erase trouble codes for complete systems ike Engine, HVAC (Air Conditioning), Transmission, ABs,SRS,TPWS,Battey, Headight. Radio, Video, Phone, Security , etc,. lt also supports ful OBD2 functions to display live data stream, on-board monitor test(mode 6). EVAP test (mode 8). 02 sensor test, etc. 


1, It can recognize all Mercedes-Benz version information, code reading, codeclearing, and datastream.

2, Diagnose the electronic controlsystem of Mercedes-Benz seriesvehicles, includingpowertrain, chassis, bodyinformation, air conditioningand other systems. The functions, menus, and operatingsteps arethesameasthose of the originaldecoder.

3, Daignose all the setup, initialize, adjust, calibration, and learningof the fvesystems of Mercedes-Benz ECM, TCM,IC, PTS, and EPB,

4, For other vehicles that do not belong to the Mercedes-Benz series butcomplywith the OBDIl/EOBD protocol, you can read and clear the enginefault code and turn offtheengine faultindicator


LanguagesEnglish, German
Support ProtocolSupport SRS, TPMS, ECM, PTS, EPB, TCM,
Packing list:1 * Scanner
1 * User Manual