Non-contact Phase Rotation Tester

Voltage Indicator Tester/ Non-Contact Phase Sequence Detector Indicator Detector Meter LED Display 3 Phase Tester



This is a non-contact phase rotation tester that indicates the rotation of the electro-motors and other three phased machines.
The device has a safe body that reduces any risk of injury (But never give up safety)
It  is widely used by electricians, engineers, technicians, educators, etc.


1, Fully insulated non-contact alligator clips with wide jaws

2, LEDs indicate phase orientation, clockwise or counter clockwise and which each phase is live

3, Low battery warning

4, Auto power off

5, Durable,ergonomichousing

6, 3-phase motor rotation detection


Phase sequence testPositive CW phasing
Negative CCW phasing
Open phaseYES
Live power DetectionYES
Circuit break聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 detectionYES
Voltage detectionYES
3-phase motorYES

rotation detection
Input Voltage70~600 V Ac
Frequency range40~70HZ
Conductor diameter筛1.6~16 mm
Indication modeLED
Power supply1.5V AA脳2