Digital Brake Fluid Tester

Car Brake Fluid Tester Oil Inspection Goose Neck Detector Sound And Light Double Alarm For DOT3 DOT4 DOT5



Brake pressure was transmited by brake fluid, the pressure transmit will out of function once brake fluid include too water. In order to safe-driving, we must test water ratio scale in brake fluid regularly. The brake fluid tester help us do current maintenance, make sure we drive in safety condition.


1, Quickly test boiling point of brake fluid ranges from 100~320 °C (212-608°F)

2, DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT5.1 brake fluid type conclusion

3, Up to 14 Europe Languages supported

4, Step by step guideline on screen

5, Wrong polarity connection protection

6, Goose neck probe provides flexibility of test