Inductive Timing Light

Accurately measures engine timing without the need for direct contact.



 A must-have tool for any mechanic or car enthusiast. With its inductive technology, it accurately measures engine timing without the need for direct contact, making it quick and easy to use. Made in the United States, this timing light is built to last and will fit right in with your collection of automotive tools and supplies. The brand, SUNPRO, is well-known for producing reliable and high-quality diagnostic service tools, and this timing light is no exception. Its features include a strobe light that illuminates the timing marks, making it easy to see and adjust engine timing. Add this timing light to your collection today!


Measures advance in tenths of a degree resolution

Measures RPM from 0-9999

Large,easy to read,bright dight digital display

Metal inductive pick up won 't melt near exhaust manifolds

All metal inductive pick-up resists melt down in close proximty of exhaust manifold

Bright flash cleary illuminates timing marks

Solid state circuitry for reliability and long life

Work on all domestic and foreign 12-volt gasoline engines

Heavy duty leads with color coded insulated battery clamps

Easily operates on most 12v and 24v diesel engines and 12v petrol engines

Diesel piezo clamp fits for 6mm-10mm( 1/4”-3/8") of injector pipes.

Excellent performance at all speeds through maximum 8000 rpm petrol or 2000 rpm diesel.

Bright bulb provides concentrated light for high visibility of timing mark.

Led diagnostic indicator shows accurate endine rpm , dwell angle , volt and advance degree.


Tach  200-9990PM
Dwell  0-99.9%
Volt  0-30V
Advance 0-60