Diagnostic Leak Detector (EVASP of Finder)

Test piezo injectors

Bosch IQA code generation

Lower oil level alarmReal-time display of injection/return oil volume graph

Automatic heating/cooling control of test oil

Test bench equipped with multiple precision filters

Touch LCD screen control



Positive and negative anti-reverse connection function of input power supply.


Low temperature self-preheating function.

High temperature protection function.

Timer shutdown function (15 minutes)

Battery low voltage detection function.

Self-diagnostic function.

Dual operating modes of air and vapor only can be switched at will.

Visual flow meter to quickly determine if the system is leaking


Input voltage 12V(Car Battery)
Power consumption 75W
Output pressure 0.032bar/3.2Kpa/0.5Psi
Outlet flow rate value  Max.6.5L/min
Smoke oil accumulation volume  Max.100m
Operating temperature range  -20'C-60C