Auto Fuel Injection Pump Pressure Tester

Fuel Pressure Gauge Auto Diagnostics Tools For Fuel Injection Pump Tester 0~140psi 0~10bar Quick Coupling V



Kit includes copper adapter and fittings for modern Schrader test port fuel injection systems.
The components are fitted with quick coupling systems and safety valves to prevent inadvertent discharge of fuel under pressure.
Pressure release valve fitted with long drain hose allows safe recovery of fuel.
Fitted with 90mm gauge having two scales (psi and bar), reading from 0~140psi and 0~10bar.
The gauge comes with a pressure release valve on the side of the gauge, also a drain hose for safe fuel recovery.


Maximum performance: The fuel pressure gauge is manufactured by advanced manufacturing technology, with excellent performance and high reliability. The design is based on the original fuel tank, has a certain pressure relief function and excellent performance.
Widely applied: The fuel pump is a useful tool for cars, RVs, and other vehicles, they can use it with confidence.