Smart Battery Charger

12V24V Battery UniversalUpgrade Multi-function Charging



The charger with the metal housing is more durable and has a long service life. When the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging to prevent damage to the battery. The charger with the pure copper wire high-frequency transformer is more efficient and durable than one with the old-style coil. It is suitable for charging the batteries of various cars, motorcycles, vans, and trucks. The charger can charge the 12.6V lithium battery and the 12V or 24V ordinary battery.


1, Faster Charging: This charger has a faster-charging speed because of the 400W power, which can reduce your waiting time.

2, Safe to Use: The high-quality charger provides short-circuit protection. It can stop charging immediately if there is an abnormality, such as a short circuit in the charging, which is safer to use.

3, Protecting the Battery: The five-stage pulse repair charging will hold continuous restoration during the charging so that the battery is not damaged.

4, Battery Dual Mode: It can adapt to two kinds of batteries. The left wire can charge lithium batteries, and the right can charge ordinary batteries.


Housing Material Metal 
Voltage Range 110V-250V
Product Size 18*14.5*7cm/7*5.7*2.8inch
Rated Power 400W
Working Temperature -30 ℃ - + 50 ℃
Working Mode Precharge-constant, Current-constant, Voltage-trickle
The Actual Output Current (12V Battery) About 30A
The Actual Output Current (24V Battery) About 15A