Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger Intelligent Pulse Repair All-in-One Machine 12V 24V Battery Start Stop Automatic Stop After Fully Charged



1. Rechargeable lead-acid batteries, water batteries, dry batteries, maintenance-free batteries - AGM start-stop batteries;

2. Detect the internal pressure of the battery;

3. Automatically identify 12V24V battery;

4. Power 400W, maximum current 30A;

5. Can charge batteries below 400AH


1, Safe and reliable: Overload protection. Overvoltage protection. Temperature protection. Low voltage protection. Short circuit protection. Reverse connection protection.

2, Automatic stop after full charge: Five-stage pulse automatic charging, intelligent and worry-free, real-time monitoring of charging status.

3, Applicable to all types of batteries: Low voltage, low starting force. The vehicle remains idle for a long time. The previous load is not introduced into the point.

4,High quality: Thickened pure copper tinned power output line, the core is thick, safe and stable. Reinforced copper-plated clip with great bite force, wrap-around design for cold protection, freeze-resistant, sturdy and durable. Intelligent thermostat fan, noise reduction and cooling, long-term full load operation, no heat, extended service life.


Material ABS plastic
Input parameters 110v-220v
Output parameters 12V/24V
Maximum power 400W
Operating current 12V (0-30A); 24V (0-15a).
Suitable for charging 12V/24V (lead-acid battery, water battery, dry battery, start-stop battery).
Item size 175*165*82mm
Weight of the whole set of items 1KG