Diesel Engine Timing Crank Locking Tools



Timing Tool set for VAG 2.0Litre

TDl PD DOHO engines fitted to

Audi A4/A6, skoda Octavia llland  Volkswagen Golf, Golf Plus, Jetta    andTouran models.1.2 1.4 1.9

2.0 TDl.


1, Usage range:
It is widely used for fixing engine crankshaft, belt tension idler adjustment period and other related parts to facilitate the replacement and adjustment of timing belt
2, Excellent selection of materials, durable:
Fine workmanship is forged with alloy materials
Rugged and easy to operate
3, Surface anti-rust treatment:
The surface is finely polished and blackened
Beautiful and wear-resistant

Excellent craftsmanship and accurate time:
Wide range of applicable models, saving time, simple operation and time saving
Anti-rust treatment

Storage portable tool box:
Convenient storage, easy to keep


Name V-W Aud-i Engine Crankshaft Fixing Tool Set
Material Alloy
Features Durable
Box size 215*116*50mm
Weight 0.62kg
Model V-W Aud-i 1.2, 1.4, 1.9, 2.0 TDI
Item TypeRim Care