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Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer
Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer
Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer
Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer
Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer

Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer

Model NO.:170131
  • Delivery:FOB
  • Minimum order quantity:10 pieces
  • Supply Ability:3000 pieces / Month
  • Country of Origin:Shanghai Or Ningbo
  • High Quality Pneumatic Waste Oil Drainer

    • Place of Origin:China
    • Brand Name:Winsen
    • Warranty:12 Months
    Product Description



    • Sucking speed: 0.6-1.6L/min

    • Collecting height: 1. 85m

    • Work pressure: 7-8ba

    • Tank capacity:55L
    • Capacity of measuring cup: 9L
    • Draining pressure: 0.5bar

    • Length of suction pipe: 1. 4m
    • Length of drainpipe: 1.9m
    • Total sucking capacity: 40-50L

    • Total weight:32kgs
    • Exterior dimension:480×500×1850mm

    • The multi-functional oil drainer has three functions: sucking, collecting and filling oil


    1. It easy used to drain oil in low pressure

    2. The oil drainer makes use of compressed air as power to produce vacuum in order to achieve its sucking function

    3. It is a safe, convenient and quick machine It never bring spark to you

    4. This machine is mainly used in garge, cars beautification, and cars producing, ect

    5. It can collect and fill oil for cars or other machines to achieve its fixed or movable working functions

    6. The movable body could meet your needs of using it in different places at any time

    7. The outside-layed cursor shows you the height of oil clearly

    8. The adjustable oil tray adapts to any types of cars

    9. Trashy oil can be sucked by minus pressure that produced by air, and also can be collected by gravity

    10. Each machine is equipped with different specifications of nozzles

    11. The trasparent visual messuring cup is convenient to observe oil

    12. The tool tray can be disassembled


    • The temperature must be below 70-80 when draining oil
    • The highest pressure is 0.5bar when draining oil

    • Never use it for corrosive products

    PCS/CTNG.W./N.W.DimensionQuantity in 20"container


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