Full Automatic Auto Body Shapement



◆ The whole equipment is controlled by a control pump station, and the platform lifting and column stretching can be controlled by a handle. 

◆ Hydraulic inclined lifting platform makes it easy for any accident car to get up and down without lifting machine.

◆ Annular hydraulic traction column 360 degree operation, free and flexible, vertical work of the cylinder, without any component force consumption, strong tension, balance.

◆ Universal fixture quickly and firmly position and clamp the car.

◆ High strength tensile tool, considering the deformation correction of almost any shape, flexible, convenient and long life.

◆ Equipped with complete tools, fully reflect the people-oriented design concept.


◆ Ultra-high strength chain is durable.

● The platform is wide, the panel is formed once by large-scale CNC blanking, the incision is smooth, and there is no heat deformation.

 ● All parts by shot blasting treatment, eliminate welding stress, enhance surface strength, high paint adhesion.

● The platform is made of standard steel plate by carbon dioxide gas protection welding, with high strength, good rigidity and many process holes, which can facilitate the arrangement of anchoring mechanism.

● Column 360 degree operation, free and flexible, vertical work cylinder, strong and accurate action.

● Well-designed hydraulic system, strong power, long service life, low failure rate.

● A variety of high-precision measurement systems are available, with M new car body data CD and detailed equipment instruction manual, convenient vehicle maintenance.

● Flat lift flat fall structure can easily adjust the height of the platform, the design is more user-friendly.

● Chain (T8) and forging sheet metal tools (45# steel), flexible, convenient, long life.

● Strength parts such as tower column guide ring, main fixture base, upper pressure cover are cast as a whole, the force distribution is uniform, not easy to deformation.

● Universal main fixture quickly and accurately position and clamp the car, and a variety of special fixtures such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo are available for you to choose from. ● Suitable for medium and small van and car maintenance operations.


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