Top Grade Auto Appearance Repair Machine





★1. Automatic over-heated protection function;

★2. Repair functions for different steel auto body include stainless steel and other materials ;

★3. One side welding and double sides welding can be chosen;

★4. Heat,meson,vertical pulling,spot welding,flatten,waveform line,whorl post,triangle shim etc welding;

★5. Possess gas filtrate and regulate function;

★6. Unique cable rack,have front-back flexible function,Can turn 360 degree;

★7. Triangle shim direct spot welding repair;

★8. LCD digital chinese and english graph display;

★9. Large puller and waveform welding;

★10. Equipped infinitely current regulate,for any options.


Power Supply2ph 400V or 1ph 230V 50/60Hz
Max Current10000A
Normal Power at 50%12KVA
Max Power60KVA
Thermal ClassF
Max Air Pressure1.0Mpa(10Bar)
Output Voltage2-13V
Welding Depth1.0+2.0mm(1 face)
Welding Depth3.0+3.0mm(2 faces)
Cables2*3m*150mm²(2 faces)
Cables2*2.5m*75mm²(1 face)
Gross Weight170kg
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