Top Grade Auto Appearance Repair Machine





With double pistons cylinder, customisation of any stored spot welding programs; Operation with pneumatic clamp, manual and studder welding;                                                                                                                       Senses the voltage and auto-compensates for the power source;
Control and regulation of all the steps of the spot welding process;                                                                    Microprocessor controlled, three-phases, inverter (MFDC 2000Hz) resistance welding; Automatic control of the spot welding current(16000A) continuous and pulse operation;                                                                                                                        High efficiency and productivity improved in comparison with the traditional resistance welding systems;                                                                                                   Over 200 pre-set programs according to the kind and thickness ofthe material used and to the kind ofclamp chosen;                                                                                                                                                           High quality and aesthetic of the spot on all kinds ofhigh resistance steels, HSS,AHSS, galvanized steels and stainless steels.
★1. Spot Welding Gun: Single Sided Gun, C-Gun, X -Gun.

★2. Welding Pulse: Single Pulse, Double welded, Pulse welding, No spark welding.

★3. Display system: 8"LCD Display.

★4. Functions: Air pressure, Voltage testing, Offset Voltage, Temperature sencer monitoring, Lack ofphase,Over-current, Thermal protections, cooling fluid monitoring, USB data storage.
★5. Cooling System: Water cooled C-gun/X-gun/Arm sets/Transformer/Radiator.


Power Supply3ph 380-430V 50/60Hz
Max Current1600A
Normal Power at 50%28KVA
Max Power78KVA
Thermal ClassH
Max Electrode Power 8barX-Gun: 345daN、C-Gun:350daN(600LB)
No-load Voltage6-26V
Welding Depth2.0+2.5mm(1 face)
Welding Depth4.0+4.0mm2 faces)

2.0+2.0+2.0mm(2 faces)
Cables2*3m*150mm²(2 faces)
Cables2*2.5m*75mm²(1 face)
Gross Weight200kg
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