Portable Auto Appearance Repair Machine





★1. 230V or 400V steel dent puller with 3800A output current, ideal for all steel
straightening and dent pulling jobs.

★2. Simple to use thanks to its automatic gun and its user friendly control panel.

★3. Only 2 parameters to select: the output power level (11 levels); the tool which is used (7 tools, triangle/rings/wave wire/pressing/spot welding/shrinking/rivets); no need to select the welding current and welding time anymore.

★4. The welding is triggered automatically by a simple contact between the tool and the part to straighten.

Components List:

1*Tolley; 1*Welder with earth cable; 1*Gun with cable 2m;1*Steel pulling hammer;  1*Spot welding pulling hammer; 1*6-hook head; 1* Consumable tools box; 1*Manual sucker pulling head; 1*Stubs elsctrode; 20*Straight rings; 1*Wave wire electrobe; 1*Spot welding electrobe; 1*Carbon rod electrode; 1*Meson electrode; 50*Meson pad; 10*Spot welding pulling pad; 2*Carbon rod; 1*Wrench; 10*Threaded studs M6; 10*Wave wires; 1*Straightening bar; 1*Automatic pulling unit.


Power Supply1ph 230V/2ph 400V
Rated Power2.2KVA
Max Current3800A
Output Voltage6-8V
Welding ModeInductive
Cable Length2m  70mm²
Gross Weight56kg
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