Handheld Auto Appearance Repair Machine





★1. With welding transfoemer 220 power into low pressure,the instantaneous high power welding source,the output is low voltage current,make the welding of the workpiece with high temperature resistance and add the upsetting force to welding.The largest welding thickness of 2.0MM+2.0MM.
★2. Adopt imported high permeability silicon steel sheet,original epoxy pouring water refined welding transformer,welding machine output strong,stable and rebliable performance.
★3. One-click select welding mode,weldment thickness and welding 3 time.
★4. Many grade discharge,the special welding materials for preheating,plastic or tempering process,compleyely solved in the process of welding caused by current shunt virtual welding,welding and other defects.Especially for coating metal metarials and special laminated metal more prominentrole.


Input Voltage110V,230V,400V 50/60Hz
Power @50%2.3KVA
Max Absorbed Power13KVA
Max Current6900A
Duty Cycle1.50%
Gross Weight13kg
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