Electric/Hydraulic Drive Battery Lift




Folding telescopic lifting bracket

Adjustable height insulated pallets

The platform can be rotated 360°

It can realize multi-lift position conversion and front and back left and right direction tilt 2°-4°

Suitable for battery disassembly and lifting of different models and mounting directions.

Ensure that the battery mounting holes and body mounting holes are correctly aligned. Convenient for forklift operation

Electric hydraulic drive, vertical lifting of the cylinder, fast and efficient, long service life.

Optional DC12V and AC220V power, operation is safer and more convenient

Optional on-line control and wireless remote control handle, easy to operate.


Equipment Height(mm)1210
Lifting Height(mm)1860
Lifting Weight(kg)600/1000/1500
Dimension of lifting working platform950-1400mm
Dimension of equipment base(mm)1380x1380
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