Car Brake Fluid Tester

Brake Fluid Tester Automotive Brake Fluid Analyzer for DOT 3/ DOT 4/ DOT 5 



This unit can be used to test the quality of brake fluid in the same time indicate whether the brake fluid under test can still be used safely or needs to be replaced. Beside that, is a very useful tool for ensuring good braking effect and driving safety.


1, Wide application: This brake fluid tester is universal fit for most vehicle. High precision to testDOT-3.DOT-4.DOT-5 brake fluid.

2, Simple design: Easy to operate, 4 LED lights show the quality of brake fluid. Provides anintuitive interface for easy reading data when using.

3, High precision: This brake fluid analyzer has buzzing and LED light double alarm system make the result absolutely clear.

4, Adjustment needed: Before use, you should perform adjust to the unit



9V(6F22) battery

Applicable Models



6 Months

Length of testing rod



175 x 70 x 29mm

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