3D Wheel Aligner

Simple Operated Laser 3D Wheel Alignment Original 3D Aligner Equipment With Calibration Tool



1, Adjust camera beam up and down through remote controller

2, Alignment can be done by push or without push,workable with two post and mini scissor lift

3, Software Belongs to universal, no worries calibration data lost when software breakup

4, Double Screen show measuring data design for convenience adjust data changing check when adust angle

5, With Parking Camera Function easily driving front wheel to center of turntable


1, Adjust Camera Beam heiphl by Remate Controlorboam'sLongth:2782mm)-1pce 32TV sets and 1pcs 19LCD Show Measur-ing Date

2, Camera: 2pcs Industrlal 5 mege plxel Cemera-Distanoo from baoksido to Cabino!frontside-450mm-Updato.frao wholo life through onine(www.hairui.da.c)

3, With standard Alignment funation and Rotate target plate measuring functlon to meet different room size alignment job

4, Never Re-callbrate Request No marer carere ortargel plale Repair or Replacemenl for SpecialCamera Design

5, Vehicle Size Meesurement funcilon-Installation & training video is included-can alignment the vehicle through push or wthoutpush-one or two targel plate lost or breek for careless?machine still can working to keep oreat profit forcuslomer

6, ustomerized Software and hardware,can bedesigned to your own brand-Warranty: 8 Years for camoras and fargets upondelle'ery date.


ParametersPrecisionResolutionMeasure Range
THRUST ANGLE±2(±0.03°)0.60.01°)±10°
TRACK WIDTH±2mm0.mmn1200-2200mm
WHEEL OFFSET±2mm0.1mtm±200mm
LATERAL DEVIATION±2mm0.1mm±200mm
CASTOR OFFSET±2mm0.1mm±200mm