Portable 5D Wheel Alignment System

Wide View Turntable Alignment Machine 5D Car Wheel Alignment Machine



1, Movable Design

2, Wide Adaptation

3, High Accuracy



1, Portabts and Space-Saving Design

The biggest advant is theability to be moved around ss you need.Two movable stands can switchse differ-ent stations easily, which meets the needsof high efficient workshops.

2, For All Types of Car Lifts

It is adapted to all kindsof car lifts, no matter scissor,2-post or 4-post types. it is nodoubt that it is able towork in all small or big work-shops and garages.

3, No Need to Assemble

The aligner units are alreadyfully assembled in the factory. You can use it directlywithout all the complicatedand time-wasting proceduresof installation.

4, 5HD Camera Matrix 

With the newest 5D technologies, it features 5 HDcameras to capture every littledetail of adjustment andoutput more accurate datacompared to traditional 3Daligners.

5, Self Developed Alignment Software

The software is 100% develeoped. After years of R&D,there are thousands of car modelsincluded in the database. And still thedatabase is enlarging and updatingevery year.

6, All-at-Hand Operations

The operator can momitor thewheel alignment operationswith a tablet, flexible and canwalk around to check on thecar condition any time.

7, Sync Display with Android TV

The tablet can comnect Android TV to share display via softwargprojection or HDMI cable. The tablet and TV cam work simul-taneously for dimension inworkcshops.

8, WIFI Connection

The tablet and PC fully communicate via WIFI connection, a PC inside the camera stand which can operate usingkeyboard and mouse.


camber angle±0.01±88°
Caster angle±0.03°±19°
Front wheel tilt angle±0.02°19°
Rear wheel pressure angle±0.02°±2°
Rear wheel axle deflection±0.02°±2°
Difference between axes±0.02°±2°
Front back set±0.02°±2°
Rear back assembly±0.02°±2°
Ground Test
Basic FunctionCamber
Extensive FunctionsThrust
Rear axle yaw
Wheel deviation
Axis deviation
Lift Test
Basic FunctionCamber