Wireless Touchless Wheel Aligner

 This is a non-contact four-wheel aligner that utilizes laser image recognition processing and three-dimensional measurement technology to perform four-wheel alignment detection on vehicle.



1. Four-wheel alignment measurement: It supports standard measurement and quick measurement and can measure key parameters such as toe, camber, caster, kingpin inclination, and thrust angle. Supports additional measurements such as whee base, wheeltrack, axle offset, wheel offset, diagonal, center offset, etc.

2. Vehicle model database:Covers four-wheel alignment data for 50,000+ models around the world and supports user customization

3. Terminal wireless connection: The measurement data is transmitted wirelessly and paired with the ST13 intelligent link temminal

to display the four-wheel alignment process.

4. Test report: Generate profesional testing reports, suppot data comparison before and after training, and support report sharing.

5. Multi-platform compatible: Can be adapted to big scissor lift and four post lift.

6. Charging base: Equipped with two charging bases, which combine charging and storage.


1. Touchless, not install wheel clamps and targets. Zero damage to wheel hub.

2. The industry's first magnetic design, ready to use out of the box, no assembly or wiring required: Factory calibration-free

3. Simple, efficient and no vehicle-push required. Generate wheel alignment test result within 30 seconds.

4.Compatible with multiple platforms and can be adapted to big scissor lifts and four post lifts.

5. Work with ST13 intelligent terinal to display testing process and result, Convenient to adjust vehicle as wel.

6. Equipped with largecapacity removable battery. t is safer not to connect power during whole wheel alignment process.


Wheel Base2150~3700mmWheel Track1430~1900mmWheel Diameter590~880mmTire Width165~325mm
Measurement Accuracy & RangeMeasurement RangeMeasurement Error
Total Toe±20°±0.08°
Caster ±20°+0.1°
Kingpin Inclination土20°+0.1°
Thrust Angle士5°±0.04°
Flinch Angle士5°±0.04°
Axis offset/士2mm
Wheel offset/士2mm
Wheel Track1900mm士2mm
Wheel Base3700mm士2mm