Car Spark Plug Tester

Dual Hole 12V Gasoline Vehicles Car Spark Plug Tester Diagnostic Tool 100-240V



1, The tester is a high-voltage detector, so do not touch spark plug with hand at work to avoid danger.

2, The tester has two testing holes, you can test two spark plugs at the same time.


1, Compatibility feature: To test spark plug performance and ignition strength, apply to 12V gasoline vehiclescar spark plugs.

2, Key parameter: You can adjust the working frequency between 1000rpm to 5000rpm/min, the higher thefrequency, the stronger the spark strength.

3, Auxiliary judgment: lf you suspect any spark plug works improperly you could compare and test to makeaccurate judgment.

4, Special lmprovement: The double hole of the car spark plug tester detector lgnition plug analyzerdiaanostic tool can be adiusted, The detector have two testing holes, you can test two spark plugs simultaneously.

5, Pretested: 100% tested prior to leaving the factory ensures optimal performance and enhanced durability.


Main Unit Weigh220g
Main Unit Size145*85*40mm
Plug TesterTwo
Power Adapter Input100-240V AC
Power AdapterOutput12V 1A DC
FunctionCar Spark Plug Tester