Anti Freeze Refrectometer

Antifreeze refractometer automobile battery ethylene freezing point measurement



Some package content may not include batteries for the restriction of some logistics.


Designed to test the concentration of the battery fluids, antifreezeliquid and cleaning fluids.

With the indication of the percentage you may know at which temperature the fluid will be frozen for both propylene glycol and ethylene glycol. 

It can alsobe used for checking the strength of electrolyte solution batteries.

Remarks: in the following firms, E, P, B and C respectively refer to ethylene glycol, propylene glycol,battery and cleaning Fluids.


Package Dimensions19.8 x 5.5x 4.7 cm
Package Weight294g
Measuring range: 0℃ to -50℃
Resolution: 5℃
Measuring range: 1.10kg/l to 1.30kg/l