Digital Multimeter

Automotive Digital Universal Multimeter



Test the communication between the meter and a smartphone via Bluetooth or between the meter and or a PC via USB data line


1, Ground test to locate bad ground, voltage drops, intermittent connections, or any source of high resistancein automotive electrical circuits and grounds

2, Charging system test to check the battery and the alternator

3, Accurate RPM measurements for 4- and 2-stroke automotive engines with 1 to 12 cylinders

4, Duty cycle and direct dwell reading for electronic fuel injection, feedback carburetors, and ignition systems

5, 6 steps adjustable trigger level on 1 to 12 Cylinders, either 4- or 2-Cylinder for outboards, motorcycles andconventional engines

6, Highspeed MIN MAX AVG recording mode and Relative modeMemory store and recall (20 locations)