Diesel Injection Tester

Used to test common rail and piezo injectors



Bosch IQA code generation

Lower oil level alarmReal-time display of injection/return oil volume graph

Automatic heating/cooling control of test oil

Test bench equipped with multiple precision filters

Touch LCD screen control


4-pin injector test function

Denso QR Oil Correction Code Generation

Siemens VDO-IlC code generation

Delphi C2i, C3i Code Generation

Bosch PiezoIMA.ISA Code Generation


Rated output power 2.3kw
Spindle speed 0-2500rpm
Speed control mode Frequency controller
Power supply parameters Single-phase 220V 50/60Hz
Cooling system Air-cooled cooling (2 radiators )
Rail pressure 0-2700Bar

Rail pressure testing accuracy +5Bar
Nozzle Sensor Flow Sensor imported from Germany
Sensor range 0.008~2L/min
Fuel tank volume 8L

Fueltemperature 40+2C

Filtration accuracy Less than 5um
Noise level <80dB
ECU internal boost0-200VDC(max)