0-300Psi Engine Compression Tester Kit

0-300Psi Engine Compression Tester Kit Engine Compression Tester, 8pcs Engine Cylinder Pressure Gauge For Petrol Gas



Make it possible to measure the pressure in each cylinder individually, which makes it easier to diagnose engine problems.

Useful for professional mechanics and auto repair people, as well as those who want to maintain their vehicles.


Wide range of quick release adapters
Flexible hose about 50cm for tight spaces


①Pressure Gauge(0-300 psi) 1 x 130mm

② Rubber test hose 1 x 130mm

③ Steel test hose

④ Straight Steel test hose

⑤ M18*1.5 adaptor

⑥ M14*1.25 adaptor

⑦ M12*1.25 adaptor

⑧ M10*1.0 adaptor