Petrol Engine Compression Tester Set

Checking Compression On Petrol Engine Quickly And Accurately



For use on engines with deep seated plug ports with difficult access 
Built-in pressure relief valve enables repeat tests without dismantling


• Comprehensive test kit for import and domestic petrol engine powered cars and motorcycles 

• 250mm flexible hose allows access to restricted plug ports 

• Dual-scale compression gauge: 0-290 psi (0-20 bar) 

• Convenient quick coupler adaptors for efficiency 

• Designed for repeat testing without disassembly 

• Thread chasers included to ensure accurate readings • extensions access deep seated plug ports easily


1. Adaptive Inside: 10*1, 12*1.25, 14*1.25, 18*1.5.
2. M10*M18 Screw repair driver
3. M14*M18 Screw repair driver

4. Engine testing tool and car maintain tool

5. Pressure meter