Battery Tester

6/12 Volt Battery Charging System Battery Tester Charger Tools Auto Test



Load applied by internal switchgear - no sparking. Suitable for 6 and 12V batteries. Applies load across cells and measures output on meter. Accurate indication of battery voltage and faulty or short circuited cell.


1,  6/12 Volt 100 Amp Battery and Charging System Test Tool

2, Test 6 and 12 volt batteries and charging system outputs

3, Test up to 1000 cold cranking amps

4, Accurate, reliable and shock resistant

5, Color-coded voltmeter analog display

6, Heavy duty color coded battery clamps included

7, Rubber insulated carry handle for comfort and safety



Load test capacity:100 amps,200 to 1000 cold-cranking amps.100 amps,200 to 1000 cold-cranking amps.
Amp setting: 100 amps100 amps
Display Meter: Analog,0~16 VDC (maximum)LED
Voltage accuracy: ± 0.2V± 0.2V
Test Cycle:10 seconds per test with 1 minute cool down; 3 tests in 5 minutes.10 seconds per test with 1 minute cool down; 3 tests in 5minutes,10 seconds load test time automatic shut down.High bright LED indicate the voltage and results.
Surface treatment: Stainless iron.Stainless iron.