Battery Internal Resistance Tester

Battery Internal Resistance Tester Battery Tester Ohmmeter Electric Car D7WD



This battery internal resistance tester is a portable handheld testersthat measures main parameters specially designed for existing known batteries including lithium batteries , nickel-cadmiums batteries, lead-acid batteries,alkalines batteries and other types of batteries.


1, Accurate and reliable: Battery analyzer uses Kelvin four-wire connection method to avoids influence of wire resistance and resistance, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.
2, Easy to use: With automatic switching and customizable threshold settings, battery analyzer is easy to use and suitable for a variety of battery types, including automotive, motorcycle, electric vehicle, alkaline, carbon, and button batteries.
3, Large and clear display: large, backlit screen makes it easy to read and interpret test results, even in low-light conditions.
4, Efficient: Battery analyzer automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity, saving battery lifespan and ensuring efficient use.
5, Comprehensive testing: Battery analyzer measures internal resistance, voltage, and ambient temperature, providing a comprehensive analysis of battery condition.
6, Versatile: Battery analyzer is suitable for use in a variety of settings, including automotive repairing shops, battery manufacturing facilities, and home use.
Cost-effective: Battery analyzer is an affordable solution for battery testing, providing accurate and reliable results without need for expensive equipment or proffessional training.


Working temperature and humidity ranges:0° C to 40 °C Humidity less than 80 % RH ( non-condensing )
Storage temperature and humidity ranges:-10°C to 50°C Humidity less than 80 % RH ( non-condensing )
Applicable standard:GB4793.1 IEC61010-1
Withstand voltage:AC 1 . 5KV ( up to current 5mA . 1min )
Power supply:6pcs of Alkalines battery ( LR6)
Battery life:10hours approximately