12V/24V Automotive Battery System Tester

Battery Capacity Life Analysis Charging 12V/24V Tester


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 Automobile Battery Tester Battery Capacity Life Analysis Charging 12V/24V Tester


1, Two test methods, Accurate Test ( CCA/DIN/IEC/EN/JIS required ) and Quick Test ( Ah required )are available for test (DY219/DY219A).

2, Four tester fully diagnose battery status and electrical system of the car.

3, Battery conclusion upon rich parameters measured.

4, Wrong-polarity-protected,overload voltage protected.


Battery TestYes
Engine Start-up Load TestYes
Maximum Load TestYes
Charging System TestYes
CCA Range100~1700
IEC Range100~1000
EN Range100~1700
DIN Range100~1000
JIS RangeReference table in manual
Displays Battery Internal ResistanceDisplay ohm
Displays Battery ConditionGood/OK/Pay attention/Replace
Test 12V BatteriesYes
Test 12V/24V BatteriesNo
Battery Recharge IndicatorYes
Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
Detects and Displays Bad cellYes
Loose Lead DetectionYes
Internal Unit Conversion ENEICDINYes
Overload protection of input voltageYes
Cable Length700mm
Display Battery Status of Health(SOH)Yes