Ultra-thin Double Open-End Wrench Set


Material: CRV

Thickness: 3mm


ltem No.


Ultra-thin Double Open-End Wrench Set


1. This product is forged with high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, with chrome-plated surface, wear-resistant and anti-drop, not easy to rust, and durable.
2. Passivated opening design, no damage to screws.
3. The ultra-thin 3mm design can cope with complex situations and is also suitable for small spaces.
4. Clip storage, convenient and fast, neat and not messy.
5. Wide range of applications, suitable for maintenance of cars/bicycles, etc.


Item no.Size(mm)
23036-6PC6X7mm to 17-19mm
23036-8PC6X7mm to 22x24mm
23036-10PC6X7mm to 24x27mm
23036-12PC6X7mm to 30x32mm