12V/24V Automotive Battery Tester

Car Battery Tester 12V 24V Digital Automotive Diagnostic Battery Tester Analyzer 2000CCA Cranking Charging Test Tool


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This battery tester is designed for testing the conditions of the 12v & 24v lead-acid starting battery, cranking system and charging system

It comes with a large 3.2-inch color LCD screen and it supports classic touch-tone to help you read and operate more efficiently.


1, Three main test result indicate the status of the battery and electrical system of the vehicle:Battery Capacity (Voltage , CCA, Internal Resistance, SOH, SOC)Cranking SystemCharging System

2, 3.2inch large colored screen provides gorgeous display

3, Ripple test of charging system

4, Test and display real time temperature

5, Available for all 12V and 24V starting lead-acid battery, great compatible with regular flooded.AGM flat plate, AGM spiral and gel batteries, and cover 10 battery rating Standards -CCA, DINJIS,EN,IEC,GB,SAE,MCA,BCI,CA

6, Support 15languages


Battery Testyes
Cranking Testyes
Charging Testyes
CCA Range100~2000
IEC Range100~1400
BCI Range100~2000
EN Range100~2000
CA Range100~2000
DIN Range100~1400
MCA Range100~2000
SAE Range100~2000
GB Range100~1400
JIS Range26A17-245H52(100~2000CCA)
Internal resistance0~99mQ
Test 12V/24V Batteriesyes
Date and time settingyes
Data reviewyes
Battery Recharge Indicatoryes
Reverse Polarity Protectionyes
Detects and Displays Bad cellyes
Loose Lead Detectionyes
Overload protection of input voltageyes
Cable Length700mm