6V/12V Automotive Battery Load Tester


This tester is designed for automotive battery load voltage test, charging voltage test and starter motor test.

It is very useful and can be used in vehicle’s fault diagnosis and service.


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1, This test evaluates a battery's ability to crank an engine. 

2, The tester draws current from the battery while measuring itsvoltage level. 

3,The volage level of a good battery will remainsrelatively steady under load, but a defective battery will showa rapid loss in voltage. 

4, Battery size (CCA rating) and temperature will affect test result.


1, Battery load test and performance analysis

2, For 6 and 12 V battery systems


Suitable forLead-acid batteries
Weight280 g
Width75 mm
Length175 mm
Battery voltage6 V/12 V
Power supply (details)4.5 - 18.5 V DC
Current load125 A
Product typeCar battery tester